I’m Nour Qushair

Hello. What’s Up. Salutations.

Hello. What’s Up. Salutations.


I feel a little awkward typing this, almost like I’m wearing an emerald green Hilary Clinton pantsuit where the pant legs drape the floor and the jacket sleeves cut off at my forearm. But hey, the best way to improve yourself is to step into the uncomfortable.

And this pantsuit is very uncomfortable, which I guess is a good sign?

I started my blog three years ago with the intent of helping students like myself through all things college by divulging my experiences and relating them to others. I have found great meaning doing this but I have changed significantly within those three years as have my goals. I’m 21 now — a whole adult, indeed— and I want to create posts that connect with a broader but more mature audience, an audience of individuals that strive to become well rounded, who want to improve themselves by expanding their knowledge on various aspects.

In other words I’m taking my “Twitter” blog and throwing in some “LinkedIn.”

Welcome to the new and improved The Nour You Know.

I hope you all will enjoy the blog posts written with the intent to improve not only your personal lives but professional as well.

Furthermore… furthermore?? (this pant suit is starting to suffocate me)

In addition to posts about my personal experiences and how they have shaped me as a person, I’m excited to learn and read about other people’s strategies for self improvement and create content inspired by people with far more life experience than myself.

So this transition is going to be a bit rough but I’m ready to take on the challenge of developing my writing. I hope you will stay along for the ride.


Nour Qushair

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