“A wise man changes their mind daily”

When I was younger, I thought this quote to be peculiar.

Why should we promote insecure decision making?

But as I got older, I started to recognize the strength within those who can step back from their initial perspective after hearing a different side and challenge their original thought process.

I believe open discussion is the ultimate way to learn, grow, and better understand others.

The quote that once perplexed me has become my life philosophy.

I strive to take situations -good and bad- and create relevant and applicable stories in efforts to relate to my readers. I also enjoy sharing my viewpoints on important issues that affect our lives.

I’m not here to poke the bear. I want to invoke respectful discussion.

My goal on my blog is to challenge my readers to keep an open mind to all ideas as well as improve their professional or personal lives while listening to a mix of humorous and insightful stories from my encounters with others.

Here, you will find articles anywhere from “My Spiritual Journey as a Seeker” to “The Golden Rule to Avoid Procrastination”.

So in short, I love people. I love intellectual debate and my blog allows me to connect with both through a computer screen in the comfort of my home.

All opinions are my own and do not represent my employers.